Meet us at the crossroads of faith and Cascadian culture.


Christ doesn’t call us out of culture—he calls us to cultivate culture. We do that best in community.

On October 14th & 15th, join leaders in ministry, academia, and culture as we equip one another to engage Cascadian culture for Christ.



Tali Hairston
Perkins Center, Seattle Pacific University, Seattle, WA
Tali's multicultural upbringing in Seattle’s Rainier Valley prepared him for leading SPU in a unique partnership in 2003 as the Special Assistant to the President and founding director of The John M. Perkins Center for Reconciliation.
Jason Byassee
Vancouver School of Theology, Vancouver, BC
Jason Byassee is the inaugural Butler Chair in Homiletics at the Vancouver School of Theology. He is also a Fellow in Theology & Leadership at Duke Divinity School. He is author, most recently, of Trinity: The God We Don't Know (Abingdon).
Fiona Moes Pel
Artist, Vancouver, BC
Fiona Moes Pel lives in Vancouver, BC with her husband where she has her own art practice, teaches Visual Arts at a local Christian high school, and is pursuing her Master of Fine Arts at Emily Carr University.
Maria-José Soerens
Puentes: Advocacy, Counseling & Education, Seattle, WA
Maria-Jose Soerens, Seattle, is the Executive Director of Puentes: Advocacy, Counseling & Education and is pursuing her doctorate at the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies.
Corey Greaves
Mending Wings, Wapato, WA
Corey, and his wife Gina, started their own non-profit, Native American youth organization called Mending Wings where they currently oversee one of the largest Native American, faith-based organizations in the Country.
Ashley June Moore
Poet, Seattle, WA
Ashley June Moore, a Seattle artist, is a life-long learner, lover of words, and student of the Word who has been writing and performing spoken word poetry for over 15 years.
Paul Louis Metzger
Multnomah University, Portland, OR
Portland resident Paul Metzger is the Professor of Christian Theology and Theology of Culture at Multnomah University and the Founder and Director of The Institute for the Theology of Culture: New Wine, New Wineskins.
Melissa Binder
Portland, OR
Melissa Binder is a writer and book editor in Portland, Oregon. She previously covered faith and values for The Oregonian, and she recently won 2nd place in religion reporting excellence at metropolitan newspapers from the Religion News Association.
Patricia Killen
Gonzaga University, Spokane, WA
Patricia O’Connell Killen has spoken and published on religion and northwest life for decades. She was the primary editor of Religion and Public Life in the Pacific Northwest and served as a contributing author in Cascadia: Elusive Utopia.
Ken Wytsma
Kilns College, Bend, OR
Oregon resident, Ken Wytsma, is the president of Kilns College, where he teaches courses on philosophy and justice.
Gabe Barreiro
Foursquare NW Region Church Planting Movement, Portland, OR
Gabe resides in Portland, Oregon and is the Supervisor of the North Pacific District of Foursquare Churches and the director of the Church Planting Movement in the Pacific Northwest, working with a national and interdenominational team.
Javier Garcia
George Fox University
Javier Garcia, an Oregon resident, teaches religious studies at George Fox University. He studied at the University of Cambridge and spent a year as a Research Fellow at the University of Virginia's Institute for Advanced Studies.
Michael Trice
Seattle University, Seattle, WA
Dr. Michael Reid Trice serves on the faculty at Seattle University School of Theology and Ministry as Assistant Professor for Constructive Theology and Theological Ethics.
Derek McNeil
Seattle School of Theology and Psychology, Seattle, WA
Dr. J. Derek McNeil is the Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs and Chief Administrative Officer of The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology (The Seattle School).
Richard Dahlstrom
Bethany Community Church, Seattle, WA
Richard Dahlstrom is Senior Pastor of Bethany Community Church in Seattle, WA. His most recent book, “The Colors of Hope” was selected by Christianity today as one of the best books of 2011.
Leah Payne
George Fox University
Payne holds a PhD in historical and critical theories of religion from Vanderbilt University. Her research examines the role of gender in the late 19th and early 20th century revivalism through two female revivalist ministers.
Uli Chi
Entrepreneur, Seattle, WA
Seattle resident Uli Chi's professional interest is in the field of computer science. He is currently Founder/Chair of Computer Human Interaction, a company that develops virtual reality software that simplifies complex decision making for consumers.
Louie Praseuth
Choreographer, Seattle, WA
Louie Praseuth, founder of the Good Foot Arts Collective, is a choreographer, community and youth leader and has been serving in the field of professional development, youth and arts ministry for 15 years.
Michael Fujimoto
Artist, Seattle, WA
For Mike Fujimoto, spoken word poetry and dance have both become creative outlets to further experience God and understand all the more His brilliant, grace-filled design in creating us to create and to experience and shape the culture.
Jason Rens
Designer, Portland, OR
The notion of furniture design as the production of a static product is upended by the work of Jason Rens. His pieces can be read as both prototypes and “finished” works, & often perform the roles of both useful furnishing and decorative sculptures.
Eileen Suico
With Community Church, Seattle, WA
Eileen Suico, a Seattle resident, is the founder and pastor of With Community Church. She also teaches at Fuller Northwest.
Christopher James
University of Dubuque Theological Seminary, Dubuque, IA
Dr. Christopher B. James' doctoral research examined church planting in Seattle. He currently serves as Assistant Professor of Evangelism and Missional Christianity at the University of Dubuque Theological Seminary.
Jay Akkerman
Northwest Nazarene University, Nampa, ID
Jay Richard Akkerman is professor of pastoral theology at Northwest Nazarene University, where he also directs NNU's fully online Master of Divinity and Master of Arts programs.
Christy Tennant Krispin
Consultant and Foster Care Advocate, Seattle, WA
Christy is a writer, producer, connector, worship musician, foster/adoptive parent, & advocate. Her foster care materials (via A Fostered Life) are being used to train foster parents in several states. More at
Glenn McCray
Urban Impact, Seattle, WA
Glenn has spent more than a decade developing a variety of youth education programs in the Rainier Valley. Glenn serves as the Church-based Community Development Director with Urban Impact, seeking to break the cycle of poverty among urban families.
Timothy Harmon
Northeast Baptist Church, Portland, OR
Timothy G. Harmon is Assistant Director of the Th.M. Program at Western Seminary, and lead pastor at Northeast Baptist Church in Portland, Oregon. He is a graduate of Western Seminary, and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in systematic theology.
Jay Smith
Yellowstone Theological Institute, Bozeman, MT
Jay Smith is President, and Bridger Professor of Theology and Ethics at Yellowstone Theological Institute, Bozeman, MT. Research assistant of the late Stanley Grenz, he co-authored the Pocket Dictionary of Ethics and Created for Community.
Derek Hiebert
Western Seminary, Seattle WA
Derek Hiebert is the Director of Western Seminary’s Seattle Teaching Site, and serves as a missional leader with Soma Church, Tacoma. Married and parenting 3 spirited daughters, he regularly finds joy in the rugged landscape and weather of the PNW.
David Warkentin
Columbia Bible College, Abbotsford, BC
David Warkentin has spent his whole life in the Vancouver area and is currently on faculty at Columbia Bible College where he directs Praxis, a first year urban discipleship program that focuses on the intersection of faith & culture.
Cherice Bock
George Fox University, Newberg, OR
Cherice Bock is a native Oregonian. Along with her spouse and their two sons, she enjoys biking, reading, and spending time outside. Cherice currently teaches at George Fox University and its seminary, and serves as the community garden coordinator.
Jeffrey Keuss
Seattle Pacific University, Seattle, WA
Jeff brings a wealth of scholarly and ministerial experiences as Professor of Christian Ministry, Theology and Culture within the School of Theology at Seattle Pacific University and as Director of the University Scholars program.
Tim Soerens
Parish Collective, Seattle, WA
Seattle resident Tim Soerens is the co-founding director of The Parish Collective, and co-author of “The New Parish: How Neighborhood Churches are Transforming Mission, Discipleship, and Community”
Shannon Sigler
Cascadia Worship & Arts, Seattle, WA
Shannon, Seattle resident, is an artist-theologian and mentor to artists of faith. She directs Fuller's Cascadia Worship & Arts program, as well as serving as the Assistant Director of the Institute for Theology and NW Culture.
Matthew Kaemingk
Fuller Seminary Northwest, Seattle, WA
Matthew, a lifelong resident of Seattle, is the Executive Director of the Fuller Institute for Theology and Northwest Culture and the Editor-in-Chief of the online journal Christ & Cascadia.
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