We’re happy to announce that Drew Dyck has joined our team as senior editor!

Most recently Drew served as managing editor of Leadership Journal, Christianity Today’s publication for church leaders. He’s also written a couple books: Generation Ex-Christian and Yawning at Tigers (which has nothing to do with tigers). His articles have appeared in numerous publications, including CNN.com, The Huffington Post, Christianity Today, Books & Culture, and Relevant magazine.

Drew is a Fuller grad (M.A. in Theology) and loves the Pacific Northwest. He lived downtown Portland during his early twenties, relishing a time of sporadic employment, hanging out at Powell’s, and riding the trolley before you had to pay for a ticket. After living in the Chicago area for eight years, Drew and his wife, Grace, moved back to the Northwest last May. They live in Lake Oswego with their children, Athanasius (early church history anyone?) and Mary. They attend Colossae Church.

Drew will be finding fresh voices to contribute to Christ & Cascadia, with a special interest in connecting with church leaders in the Northwest. He’ll also be spearheading out efforts to grow our social media presence. Please help him out by giving us a follow @cascadian_faith or Facebook.com/christandcascadia/