Thank you for your interest in writing for Christ & Cascadia!

We are an online journal, associated with Fuller Theological Seminary, dedicated to exploring and discussing Christian faith in Cascadia (Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia). You can read more about our Mission & Vision here.

We publish the work of thoughtful Christians who are active in the arts, academy, marketplace, church, and Public Square. Our editorial grid is fairly simple. Every article we publish falls under these seven categories: Arts, Culture, City, Justice, Land, Market, and Ministry. Our content highlights, illustrates, or explains how Christians can contribute to the flourishing of life in Cascadia. Most of our articles are first-person essays, but we’re open to publishing reviews, interviews, and reported pieces as well.

Broadly speaking, there are two types of articles we publish: articles of Christian reflection and articles of Christian action.

Reflection: These articles reflect thoughtfully on a particular aspect of life in Cascadia. These articles examine specific cultural trends, artifacts, or issues that have a prominent place in the life of Cascadia. We welcome reflections on Cascadian cities, politics, arts, technology, literature, religion, the environment, economics, technology, and more.

Action: Cascadia is filled with creative Christian artists, entrepreneurs, politicians, activists, and pastors who are deeply committed to the restoration and flourishing of the region. These pieces highlight and explore the work of Christian individuals and organizations who call Cascadia home and who are participating in the cultural and spiritual renewal of this place.

We’re not looking for general essays; we select articles that explicitly reference Christian faith in Cascadia. When considering an article idea for us, ask the question: would this piece be just as helpful outside the Pacific Northwest? If the answer is “yes,” it’s probably not right for Christ & Cascadia. Want to get a feel for the kind of content we’re seeking? Read past articles. Our readers are our writers.

We generally publish pieces in the range of 700-1,200 words. It’s best to send a brief pitch to our editor before submitting a complete draft. The pitch should contain a brief summary of your idea (no more than 100 words). Final drafts should be submitted in the form of a Word document or in the body of the email—no PDF files, please. Send submissions to

Christ and Cascadia publishes pieces that are creative, civil, thought-provoking, and accessible to an wide audience of thoughtful Christians. The first paragraph should get right to the point. Subsequent paragraphs should be brief and organized by sharp topic sentences. Sentences should be short and active. No footnotes; references to books, films, and other sources should be embedded in the body of the article. If you use names, dates, and places in your piece, double-check all facts and spelling. Use one space between sentences. Articles will be edited for length, grammar, and style. Please refer to The Chicago Manual of Style for additional style questions.

Authors should submit a personal photo (head and shoulders) and brief bio to accompany their article (no more than 75 words). Bios can include the authors’ position, city, organization, and connection to the region. We are happy to include links to author’s blogs, books, or affiliate organizations.

While we are open to making exceptions, we normally reserve all rights to all original work that we have published for one year, in all media. No full-text reproductions of an article may appear online, in print, or in any other media without the written permission of the editor. Individuals who would like to republish an article elsewhere should send their brief request to the editor. We may occasionally consider cross-publication agreements; those details will be worked out on a case-by-case basis. We are not obligated to publish any article, including articles we have commissioned.

Have something to say about an article? Have something to add? Something to challenge? We’re interested in publishing civil and well-formulated responses that fit within the mission of Christ and Cascadia.


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