To inspire innovative faith practice and the exchange of ideas among Christians in Cascadia.

A renewed and expanded presence of Christ followers in Cascadia, discovering purpose and identity in diverse, contextualized communities, reflecting the values, culture, and dreams of their localities, discerning and engaging the deep needs of their people, and dwelling in right relationship with their ecologies.

We aspire to

  • Renewed, reinvented, thriving Christian communities in Cascadia
  • A diversity of alternative Christian community models that make space for all
  • Models of faith life praxis that give hope and inspiration to the nation and the world

Our purpose is to

  • Cultivate conversation, mutual learning
  • Promote a diversity of voices, with special attention to those that tend to be marginalized
  • Affirm generative, impactful experiments, and derive principles for adaptation to other contexts
  • Build sense of regional/cultural community, among diverse communities and cultures
  • Showcase to the broader world examples of innovation and reimagination

We highlight innovative praxis in four key areas of faith life, including

  • Community Development
  • Creation Care
  • Social Justice
  • Spiritual Practice

We believe that

  • Christian faith praxis finds fullest expression when it is shaped according to a particular people, place, and time
  • The North American church is in a crisis of relevance, and must reform and reinvent itself in response to generational and cultural diversity
  • Cascadia offers new models and innovative designs for the broader church that offer hope and challenge the status quo

Cascadian Reflection

These articles reflect on a particular aspect of life in Cascadia. They examine cultural trends, artifacts, and issues that feature prominently in Cascadian life. We welcome submissions exploring Cascadian cities, politics, arts, technology, literature, religion, the environment, economics, and more.

Cascadian Action

Cascadia is filled with creative Christians—artists, entrepreneurs, politicians, activists, and pastors who are committed to the restoration and flourishing of the region. Action articles explore the imaginative and redemptive work of communities and leaders who call Cascadia home.

How You Can Help

We publish diverse voices on wide-ranging topics related to life in the Pacific Northwest. If you live in this region and have a passion for our mission, please consider contributing an article. Together we hope that these articles will help us fulfill our mission to better know and love the region to which we have been called. We invite you to join us! Contact us by emailing christcascadia@theseattleschool.edu.