Christ & Cascadia’s mission is to serve Christian leaders and communities serving in this unique cultural space. Our articles—written exclusively by local leaders in the academy, church, and culture—equip the church to better know and love this region. We publish two kinds of articles: Christian reflection and Christian action.

Cascadian Reflection

These articles reflect on a particular aspect of life in Cascadia. They examine cultural trends, artifacts, and issues that feature prominently in Cascadian life. We welcome submissions exploring Cascadian cities, politics, arts, technology, literature, religion, the environment, economics, and more.

Cascadian Action

Cascadia is filled with creative Christians—artists, entrepreneurs, politicians, activists, and pastors who are committed to the restoration and flourishing of the region. Action articles explore the imaginative and redemptive work of communities and leaders who call Cascadia home.

How You Can Help

We publish diverse voices on wide-ranging topics related to life in the Pacific Northwest. If you live in this region and have a passion for our mission, please consider contributing an article. Together we hope that these articles will help us fulfill our mission to better know and love the region to which we have been called. We invite you to join us! Contact us by emailing christcascadia@theseattleschool.edu.