Seattle Housing Needs Some Good News

Seattle’s housing market is bloated, but the gospel has something to say about it. I still remember the first conversation I had about buying a home in Seattle. It was 2004, I was fresh out of seminary with looming student loans and only a modest part-time salary from a local church. A friend of mine, […]

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Cut and Paste Faith

  The art of postmodern collage might seem disorienting, but it has something to teach the Church. Last April, I took thirteen students from Columbia Bible College to the Vancouver Art Gallery to see a show called MashUp: The Birth of Modern Culture. The exhibit was focused on collage. We explored four floors crammed full […]

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With Liberty and Justice for Me

“Most persons are oppressed while at the same time they share in the oppression of others, and hence are ‘oppressed oppressors.’” – Jurgen Moltmann On November 9th, I woke up and didn’t recognize my own country. I hadn’t even imagined a Trump presidency was possible—not living here in the progressive bubble of Seattle. As a left-leaning […]

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Walking Together

David Warkentin interviews Patti Victor about the hopes and challenges of Christian and Indigenous reconciliation. “I’m an Indigenous leader and a Pentecostal pastor.” This is how Patti Victor introduces herself. And many find it surprising. These two roles don’t normally go together in Cascadia. Why? Because Cascadia’s Indigenous communities and the church have had a […]

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Environmental Stewardship in Action

Cherice Bock interviews Peter Sergienko about going the extra mile in trying to steward the land. St. Michael & All Angels Episcopal Church, Portland, OR   How many of us have heard some version of the following arguments: “Sure, protecting the environment, saving the spotted owls–these things are great. But how am I going to […]

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The New Landscape of Youth Ministry

What one youth pastor learned about youth ministry by hiring a bunch of teenagers to help renovate his house. It might be odd to give thanks for “The Great Recession,” but sometimes I do. About three years ago my wife and I managed to purchase our second home after we lost our first during the recession. When […]

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Art is for Everyone

How art gives a voice to the voiceless. From her ever-changing hairstyles and edgy fashion to her thought-provoking tattoos, Jacqueline Moulton looks the part of an artist. In addition to teaching college art classes, Moulton spends her mornings as the Art Program Director at Aurora Commons. The Commons, a community space at 89th and Aurora […]

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Christ & Cascadia Conference

Meet us at the crossroads of faith & Cascadian culture. Christ doesn’t call us out of culture–he calls us to cultivate culture. We do that best in community. On October 14th-15th, join leaders in ministry, academia, and culture as we equip one another to engage Cascadian culture for Christ. WHEN: Friday, October 14th at 9:30 […]

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Panorama stitched from 33 images with

Welcome to the Land of Losers

Cascadian athletes have experienced a lot of disappointment, but there’s still plenty to cheer. Cascadia could be called the land of sporting disappointment. Between Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver, championships are few and far between. Most prominent, no doubt, are the Seattle Seahawks, who after suffering years of futility and loss, finally won the coveted Super […]

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A photo by Daniel Beilinson.

Listening and Reconciliation

A brief history of the Stó:lō people and the settlers in Chilliwack, B.C. and what it means for us. Friendships change us. Good friendships change us for the better. My friendship with Andrew Victor, an aboriginal pastor from the Stó:lō Nation, has been one of the most formative friendships I have had since moving to […]

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Sabbath & Seasonality Retreat

As the seasons turn from summer to fall, join us for a time of rest, reflection, learning, and celebration around the rhythms of Sabbath and the seasons that God built into creation. Together, we’ll learn about and experience Sabbath rest, share a meal of in-season foods grown on Eloheh Farm, and thank God for the […]

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Jeff Bezos’ Biggest Fear

Chris Lim shares an insider’s view on Amazon’s work culture. Forbes recently reported that Amazon Founder and CEO Jeff Bezos became the third richest person in the world. A year ago, the New York Times published an expose Inside Amazon: Wrestling Big Ideas in a Bruising Workplace, which resulted in Jeff Bezos’ response: Jeff Bezos has responded […]

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The Future of the Church Is Unreal

Virtual reality is poised to dramatically change our culture. Is the church ready? I once stood in the middle of the galaxy and walked up to the sun. I couldn’t wrap my arms around it, but I could pick up the planets—like tiny marbles—and toss them into space. Then I stood on the deck of […]

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Making Peace with “The Big One”

What the Coming Cascadia Earthquake Taught Me About God When I moved to Oregon just over a year ago, I didn’t realize it would cost me my life. At that point I was blissfully unaware that I’d be crushed by ceiling beams. Or trapped under rubble. Or drowned by a 100-foot wall of water raging […]

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Learning from Steelhead Fisherman

What a quirky, Cascadian pilgrimage can teach the church. Each year during the late winter and early spring, crowds descend on the small coastal town of Forks, Washington. They come in pursuit of winter steelhead. For many who make this trip it’s no ordinary fishing adventure; it’s a pilgrimage that borders on the religious. Last […]

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Vancouver 2

A Refugee-Friendly City

How Vancouver is leading the way in welcoming and supporting refugees. Our world has a refugee crisis. Thousands upon thousands of people are fleeing violence and political unrest in an attempt to stay alive. For some, the journey to save their lives has ended in tragedy and death, as the story of young Alan Kurdi […]

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“What Do You Do?”

Gail Song Bantum on the awkwardness of answering that question as a pastor in Seattle. When Gail Song Bantum first moved to Seattle, she did what most women—and, honestly, what many men—do: she found a new hair salon. After an enjoyable time getting to know her stylist and some of the other women at the […]

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Surprised by Suburban Poverty

How our church is seeking to serve the poor hiding in plain sight. When someone says the word “suburbs,” what comes to mind? If you’re like most people, you likely picture an idyllic, if somewhat banal, scene. Manicured lawns, double (or triple) car garages, backyard BBQs, white picket fences, a chocolate lab running in slow […]

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