Postmodern, Consumerist, Fleshly, and Fun: Why It’s So Hard to Commend Christianity in Cascadia

Why do people change their minds? In the classic work by Thomas Kuhn, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, Kuhn suggests that one does not change one’s mind until one has a good reason to do so. That apparently banal observation is nonetheless critical to the consideration of why Christianity is so hard to commend to […]

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Protestant Mission in the Pacific Northwest: The Murder of Narcissa Whitman

For more than two centuries the Pacific Northwest has been a difficult place for Christians effectively to share their faith. As any church planter or evangelist knows or quickly learns, understanding the history and context of this region requires the understanding of multiple cultures. In some ways Pacific Northwest culture, though often spiritual, is not […]

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Revisiting “Battle in Seattle”: A Personal Reflection on the Pros and Cons of Protest

Do you remember Battle in Seattle? Don’t worry. It made no lasting mark at the 2007 box office, and reviews were (deservedly) mixed. I’ve finally seen it — seven years later, two months from the fifteenth anniversary of Seattle’s historic WTO protests. And (surprise!) it held my attention throughout. It was a timely viewing choice, […]

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